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About Green Compliance

Green Compliance Scandinavia AB helps companies to grow while reducing their carbon footprint.

About Green Compliance

Green Compliance is there to help companies navigate and find new solutions to grow while reducing their carbon footprint. To succeed in this, it is needed to rethink old business and income models, as well as look ahead to a changed consumption pattern and society's priorities.

At Green Compliance, you get help with the big changes, the legal questions, or the small details that you simply can't find the answer to. What risks the new idea entails or how best to implement your sustainability project.

Business idea

The business idea for Green Compliance is simple. The EU has taken a clear position to be climate neutral by the year 2050, with the interim goal of reducing emissions by at least 55% compared to 1990 by the year 2030. In order for us to get there, we need a functioning business community where products and services offered are involved in realizing this goal. In order to do that, companies must also dare to think differently. In this connection, the EU has adopted several regulations to ensure fulfillment of its international commitments that also follow from the Paris Agreement.

Companies that wish to follow this new green wave also need to adapt their operations to the new regulatory framework and find the opportunities that come with major fundamental changes. If you see the rule changes early, it is also easier to lay out the right strategy for the future.

A good system for compliance and internal control will help you get an overview and prioritize your time going forward. Everything so that your company can do more of what you do best.